Use this form to upload any documents that should accompany your order. Remember that after submitting a new order, you are required to upload the signed document, or alternatively sent it to us using any of the available methods. If you submitted an order using a quote from your local bike shop, you should also upload your original bike shop quote.

Only PDF files are accepted. You can select up to two files each time, but can return to the same page if you need to supply us with more documents regarding your order.

Note that the order confirmation included an unique key. You need to type this key in the box below, so that we can match your uploaded documentation to your order and avoid delays.

Please use this form to upload documents to us, for example your signed and witnessed order form.

To send us more documents:

  • Enter your unique pdf hash into the text box below
  • Click the "Browse" button below to select a single document to send. Only PDF files are accepted, and they have to be 5 MB or less in size.
  • Click "Add another document" to add another document to send.
  • When you have finished adding all the documents you want to send, click "Upload all document(s)".
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